BSC Nursing

About BSC Nursing

Duration of Course: 4 years.
Eligibility: B.Sc. Nursing course these days are taken up by many of the youths having interest and determination to work in the healthcare firms. Nursing is a very noble profession and it is one of the occupations which currently have the highest demand in the world. So, there are some eligibility criteria to be accepted suitable for this course, some of them are:

  • Candidate should have completed the age of 17 years
  • Candidates must be mentally fit
  • Should have good fluency and understanding of English language

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    The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a professional course of four years duration. The main target of this course is to produce qualified nurses by providing advanced and broad research-based nursing education. This degree level study enhances the skills and critical analysis power of students that make them capable of being a professional practitioner in the nursing field. After the completion of this course, the nurses will be acquainted with all the responsibilities of competent nurses and midwives. They can provide promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services for the protection of the rights of individuals in the mission of seeking good health.
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing, especially known as B.Sc. nursing is recognized with the different abbreviation in different countries. For example, the short form for Bachelor of Science in the United States of America is BSN whereas BN (Bachelor of Nursing) in many European countries. The Australian knows it as a B.Sc. Nursing course and in some other part of the globe this course is also known as BScN or BS too. This course may be known differently but the aims of this course are same everywhere.

    Bsc in Nursing

    Every college that offers this course makes sure to let the students know about the importance of this course for making remarkable changes in healthcare firm. The course apart from the nursing science, research and leadership practices gives the proper knowledge of general education in maths, humanities, and social sciences. This course especially relies on practical more than the theoretical aspects. The more the students are offered with practical based education the more they can enhance their skills and knowledge with a high level of understanding. After the competition of this course, there come many greater chances for a nurse to have a successful career with a high payment. The nursing graduates also have other options like leading her career in the educational field.

    Education Qualifications

    Each and every qualification is deeply verified before any colleges of nursing accept candidates for further process. Many of the colleges enrol the students conducting entrance exam whereas some are accepted in direct or merit basis. Some of the required education qualifications to be a Basic B.Sc. Nursing student are:

  • Candidates must have passed +2 in science stream
  • 45% in aggregate must be obtained in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English subjects or as per the rules and regulations of the University.

  • Admission Process

    After the candidates know that they meet the eligibility criteria and are educationally qualified the next step is knowing about the admission process. There are different steps that candidates must follow before getting admitted to a certain college. The steps of admission can differ according to the rules and regulations of the nursing institution. Some of the procedures that must be followed during the admission process are:

  • Fill the required application forms with documents
  • Give the entrance exam if necessary
  • Present all the original’s, Transfer Certificate, Migration Certificate, Etc
  • Provide eight copies of passport size photographs
  • All the details documents related to prior study

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